0.22.0 & 0.22.1 & 0.22.2
published 04.01.2021
Improved Updated HD mine texture
Improved Many updates to make game mechanics behave more like original
Improved Explosions now proccing more similar to original
Improved Collection button displaying correctly with player’s placings
Improved More determinisitc behavior when using checkpoints
Improved Minor performance improvements
Fixed Discharger delay and missile trail on level border
Fixed Shielded unids decreasing counter twice
Fixed Initial explosion delay for bombs/mines
Fixed Action timings not being independent from game speed
Hotfix Discharger destroying walls in front of it
Hotfix Level timer being dependent on game speed
published 07.12.2020
Added Option to capture level preview images
Improved Settings are now saved on modification and fullscreen resolution changes must be confirmed
Improved Levels are now also unlocked if you have an online record
Improved Update to libgdx 1.9.12
Fixed Crash on invalid config values
Fixed Crash related to global key listener
Fixed Editor Undo/Redo not being reset when changing the level
Fixed Music allocation errors crashing the game
Fixed Red spiders crashing the game with original textures
Fixed Minor issues with conduits
Fixed Being detected by enemies when pushing something into their direction
Fixed Millisecond digits only displaying up to 998
Fixed Unid counter not using HD texture
0.21.50 & 0.21.51
published 12.11.2020
Added New bonus level
Fixed Center level done dialog
Fixed First placed tile in editor not being revertable
Fixed Crash when pushing a key into a gate while holding multiple arrow keys
published 22.10.2020
Added HD Textures for gnats, gates and switches
Fixed Red spiders having yellow spider texture with original textures selected
Fixed Neutral gates being tinted in wall color
Fixed OSX executable issues
Fixed Explosives incorrectly exploding when falling
published 11.09.2020
Added Added border selection menu to level properties
Improved Expired tokens are now refreshed instead of discarded
Fixed Gnats being stuck on invulnerable thresher
0.21.45 & 0.21.46 & 0.21.47
published 09.09.2020
Added Restored original level borders with hungry bottom as level option
Added Safety dialog when exiting a level after reaching a checkpoint
Added HD textures for spiders and active mines
Added New Bonus levels
Improved Unid & Shielded Unid texture
Improved Editor copy paste performance
Improved Level load times
Improved Crash error display
Fixed Active mines not working with checkpoints and exploding too quickly
Fixed Objects not rolling down correctly in certain cases
Fixed Objects not falling into generatrix if spawned one tile above
Hotfix Serpent bonus level
0.21.43 & 0.21.44
published 08.08.2020
Added New bonus level
Fixed Planted mines not sticking to walls after falling and rolling off ledges
Fixed Thresher not having invulnerability animation if restarting from checkpoint
Fixed Collecting checkpoint would save thresher’s previous position
Fixed Changing to draw mode not clearing selection
Fixed Adding a level to a collection not updating the list
Fixed Exploding shielded unid spawning a unid
Hotfix New level shortcut
0.21.41 & 0.21.42
published 06.08.2020
Added New bonus level
Fixed Thresher not collecting rolling unids in some cases, leading to uncollectable unids
Fixed Undo object placement clearing tile modifier & bugged tile when placed object removed
Fixed Drawing when dragging causing unwanted tile modifications bloating undo history
Fixed Cut & Paste not working
Fixed Brush size affecting selection mode
Hotfix Trespasser accidental modification
0.21.38 & 0.21.39 & 0.21.40
published 03.08.2020
Added Level placements are now displayed in overview if logged in
Fixed Crash when loading certain levels
Fixed Undo button missing highlight
Hotfix Remove debug display and restore three digit millisecond precision
published 02.08.2020
Added More color schemes
Added Max fps setting to be used when vsync is turned off
Added Selection, copy, cut & paste support to editor
Added New bonus level
Improved Placing mines now has a delay to prevent accidental placings
Improved Editor brush settings now highlight the selected option
Fixed Time difference in level end dialog showing previous values
Fixed Hunting gnats getting stuck
Fixed Gnat issues with checkpoints
Fixed Level Details window losing opacity
Fixed Level Details tables shifting in width
Fixed Level Done dialog ui control crash
Fixed Thresher being able to pass closing gates
Fixed Error dialog layout and return button not working
0.21.33 & 0.21.34 & 0.21.35 & 0.21.36
published 22.07.2020
Added Experimental support for specifying gamepad buttons as controls in settings
Added Parallax scrolling to level background
Added Level property for discharger fire rate
Added Highlight for own record in leaderboard
Added Username to account button
Added Loading progress indicator
Improved Keyboard menu control
Improved Level done dialog
Fixed Being able to consume falling objects using spacebar maneuver
Fixed Disabled buttons being focusable
Fixed Pressing ‘Enter’ proccing outside events when in dialogs
Fixed Using sliders in settings window with scroll bars
Fixed A case where two spiders could get stuck in an action loop
Fixed Spiders and gnats running into explosions and missiles
Fixed Explosions being considered round
Fixed Camera shaking after thresher exploded
Fixed Collection manager window being initially empty
Fixed Rock rolling off ledges sound
Fixed Shielded unid falling into generatrix
Fixed Delay required to trigger a push not scaling with game speed
Fixed Animations not scaling with speed
Hotfix Regression due to new gdx release
0.21.30 & 0.21.31 & 0.21.32
published 13.07.2020
Added Generatrix drop out & drop in animation
Added HD texture option (default on, thanks @Volodya)
Added Basic game file verification
Added New bonus level
Added Boulder Dash level collection (thanks @Korak Gomanji)
Fixed Time rounding issues
Fixed Spider and gnat issues with checkpoints
0.21.28 & 0.21.29
published 08.07.2020
Added 2 new bonus levels
Improved Doubleclick behavior for starting levels
Improved Tiles arrangement in tile window
Fixed Enemy explosions being offset from visual position
Fixed Unid collect sound not always playing
Fixed Enemies killing thresher only exploding after chain reaction delay
Fixed Stuck spider in ‘123’ level
Fixed Inccorect double leaderboard positions display
published 07.07.2020
Improved Selected ui button now gets highlighted properly
Fixed Hunting gnats getting stuck
Fixed Checkpoints working after level failed
Fixed Checkpoints removing picked up powerups
0.21.25 & 0.21.26
published 05.07.2020

INFO Accounts were accidentally reset. Records are kept separately, so registering a new account under the same name should be sufficient.

Added Random colors schemes when no colors have been specified for a level
Fixed Yellow spiders jumping inbetween tiles
Fixed Not dying if conduit path is blocked by an approaching enemy
Fixed Spiders doing a convex move occupying their tiles for too long
Fixed Conduits not re-applying motion when a blocked path gets passable again
Fixed Matter color and level colors not applying directly from the color picker
Fixed Interpolation using wrong positions
Fixed Moving through tunnels not scaling with speed
0.21.21 & 0.21.22 & 0.21.23 & 0.21.24
published 04.07.2020
Improved “Get Ready” wait duration reduced to 1 second
Improved Clicking a level two times in the selection screen will now run it
Fixed Instant explosion chains with enemy objects
Fixed Explosion delay and duration not scaling with gamespeed
Fixed Explosion chains getting interrupted by checkpoints
Fixed Objects getting stuck mid air after rolling
Fixed Rolling not scaling with speed
Fixed Objects always prefering to roll left, instead of a random choice if both are available
Fixed Visual stuttering and increased game tickrate
Fixed Getting killed by far away spiders that start a rotation
Fixed Crashes related to records
Fixed Bugs introduced by 0.21.21
published 27.06.2020
Fixed Too many records breaking UI
Fixed Ledge rolling and gnats rotation not scalling with gamespeed
Fixed Pushing rolling objects causing them to stop moving
Fixed Entering finish by using spacebar
published 27.06.2020
Hotfix Level selection crash and account dialog
0.21.15 & 0.21.16 & 0.21.17 & 0.21.18
published 26.06.2020
Added You can now register an OxRox account to submit your level records to an online leaderboard
Fixed Spider rotations not scaling with game speed
Hotfix For the account management dialog
0.21.11 & 0.21.12 & 0.21.13 & 0.21.14
published 17.06.2020
Improved Reduced yellow spider convex move speed
Improved Objects now smoothly roll down ledges and can’t get blocked mid roll anymore
Fixed Matter consumption sound
Fixed Unids being consumed while rolling away from thresher
Fixed Settings window being cut off with small window widths
Fixed Clouds rolling when pushed
Hotfix Hotfixes
0.21.8 & 0.21.9 & 0.21.10
published 11.06.2020
Improved Spiders now move smoothly around convex corners and kill in more touchy situations
Improved Tunnels now smoothly transition thresher through them
Improved Freeze powerup now stops enemies in center of tiles to prevent blocking two
Improved Applying level properties now also saves the level
Improved Render layering for consistent visuals
Fixed Initial spider grabbig regression
Fixed Explosions lasting and blocking for too long
Hotfix Additional Fixes
published 07.06.2020
Improved Reduced initial loading time
Added Rock color to clouds as well
Added Level name display to level ready phase
Fixed Conduits receiving wall color
Fixed Level properties dialog
Fixed Level records staying for modified levels
published 04.06.2020
Improved It’s now possible to return to level selection during level ready phase
Improved Tunnels are now colored the same as walls
Fixed Falling precedence to match original
Fixed Missing spider sounds after last update
Fixed Warning label ‘no exit portal’ showing after first destroyed portal
Fixed A few crashes
Fixed Level edit dialog colors
Fixed Camera shake being unlimited
Fixed Spiders waiting 1 frame before moving
published 02.06.2020
Added Rock rolling animation
Added One more digit to record time display
Improved Increased missile speed
Fixed Spider rotation speed to match original
Fixed Rendering issues on certain graphics hardware such as intel integrated
Fixed Objects blending with background at the edge of the sight range
Fixed Spiders getting stuck when clustered against a wall
Fixed Spiders not killing thresher in certain situations
Fixed Yellow spiders getting stuck ontop of invulnerable thresher
Fixed Spiders taking too much time to pass convex corners
Fixed Level records not showing after having opened the editor
published 30.05.2020
Added Missile trail visual
Added Windows executable icon
Fixed Level finish dialog keyboard control only working the first time
Fixed Background explosions carrying over between level restarts
Fixed Thresher walk animation being reversed
Fixed Level selection UI overflow
published 27.05.2020
Added Linux to deploy targets
published 26.05.2020
Added Color options to level edit dialog
published 25.05.2020
Improved Restored original level colors
Fixed Initial spider wall grabbing direction
Fixed Conduits not causing death when the path is blocked by an enemy
Fixed Dischargers not scaling with game speed
published 23.05.2020
🥳 Initial public beta release